Our Story

In addition to our solutions capability, Professional Services division have attained a place of prominence in the Indian IT landscape. We have started occupying a strategic position on the leading edge of the information security industry, with our focus on effective security solutions that are able to adapt as cyber threats evolve. Today we are a full-service Internet security solutions provider with exceptional expertise in tracking, trending and preventing, in real-time, computer attacks, network intrusions, negligent insider actions, data leakage, and exploitation of vulnerabilities in networks, email systems and web applications.


To understand customer needs and to cater them in best possible ways through offering customized solution for them aligned to their business goals.

Since 1993

At the end of the day, the goals are simple: Safety and Security...

Softlabs Infotech is a complete network and security solution provider to organisations to help them leverage IT for competitive  advantage and to derive more value of their IT investment .Our experience and expertise has helped us garner clients from various public and private enterprises.