Services Offered:


1. Cyber Security

Assurance of network security is one of the most important moments for safe and correct working of the computer systems and networks.

Softlabs provides  assurance of the limited access to sensitive information, the protection from unauthorized access, risks and potential security threats, and enhancement of network performance. We protect the network at all of its entry points, the most important factors in network security are encryption, reliable passwords, the use of antivirus software and modern advanced network security devices.

2. Network Security

3.  Server and Storage

4. Network and Advance Solutions

Load Balancer &
Application Delivery Controller

Radware’s next-generation application delivery controller (ADC) and the only load balancer that guarantees application SLA. It provides advanced, end-to-end local and global load
Load balancer combines best-of-breed application delivery capabilities, market-leading SSL performance that supports all of the latest encryption protocols, and advanced services to companies with ongoing application lifecycle management challenges that impact the performance of web applications (such as heavier, more complex web content); mobility, and the migration to the cloud.

Hybrid proxy deployment allows web filtering for corporate devices anywhere in the world

Symantec WSS (cloud proxy) has been a critical piece to deployment of multiple remote locations. WSS is also leverage on mobile devices to ensure iPhone security while users take mobile devices off the corporate network. With WSS we were able to proxy traffic from employees anywhere in the world. ProxySG paired with Content Analysis System has provided by us.

5.  Compute and Print

—Compute power and control. Resource agility across your infrastructure. Ready to converge and ready for the cloud.

—When you depend on software applications specific to your business, knowing those apps have been tested on your  Server platform is important. Our Server Partner Program provides quick visibility into the variety of server-based apps verified on Server hardware.ServerMoonshot delivers the right compute power with breakthrough economics for your data center. And with server solutions designed for specific workloads, Server Moonshot helps you get more out of your infrastructure with less space, power consumption, and complexity.


—Who doesn’t love a good desktop setup? While laptops and tablets are becoming increasingly popular, many still can’t perform as well as a solid desktop. The problem, however, is that desktops traditionally take up a lot of valuable space, and can be difficult to justify in small offices.

—As a result, the race has begun to create computers that take up as little room as possible,while still maintaining power comparable or even sometimes greater than their larger counterparts. Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is one such system.


Thin Clients

—There are many thin client benefits for different enterprises and their IT infrastructure. IT departments are migrating to unique platforms to centralize business through today’s virtual desktop technologies.

—1) Cost Savings

—Thin Clients Reduce Multiple Costs:Total administration and operating cost reduction up to 70%

—2) Reduces Energy Bill by 97%

—Thin clients consume an average of 8-20 watts compared to a 150 watt PC

—3) The Benefits of Thin Client Security Include:

—Thin clients are protected from the use of unauthorized software or the introduction of viruses

—Data cannot be copied to a disk or saved to any other location than the server


—Windows Embedded 8 Standard, the latest in the Embedded series release by Microsoft is yet another milestone in embedded technologies.

—Based on the Windows 8 style, it has the ability to deliver visually rich and pleasing experience to the user.

—Windows Embedded 8 Standard offers the following features:

—Higher security : with Trusted Boot, Bitlocker, Windows Defender and other security options.

—Modern UI : with it’s “Metro” design language, the start screen displays short cut icons to various programs as a grid of tiles.

—Lockdown : new Unified Write Filter (UWF) is a great combination of Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) and File Based Write Filter (FBWF).

—Keyboard Filter : block any undesired keyboard keys and/or key combinations….even on the “on screen keyboard”.

—Language packs : switch to any of the 30 languages on the fly.

—Latest RDP (Remote Desktop) client: Version 8 of RDP client enables Remote FX to Windows Server 2008 and above across WAN.

6. Surveillance

We are in an era where high-definition, 24-hour surveillance is a commodity. The i-Pro, however, is a pioneering CCTV / surveillance system with the newest technology.In order to protect your facility, the i-Pro integrates advanced features that include a facial-recognition system that searches for a single image out of five million images in under three seconds and an automated alarm system